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32pt Natural Black Business Cards

Luxury Double Sided 32pt Natural Black Business Cards

Excluding GST/HST

NEW black paper. Darker, thicker, better than ever! This luxurious black paper is imported from Europe. It has a natural feel and high rigidity, it looks great with all foil colors or letterpress metallic inks making these Luxury Double Sided 32pt Natural Black Business Cards a must.

Contact us for Foil options, Debossing, Embossing, SPOT UV,  Trimmed edges, Painted edges.



Printing: Letterpress or foil
No standard CMYK color printing available on this stock. Foil and letterpress printing (metallic inks only).

If foil stamping, embossing or debossing plate is over 3 square inch, you must have the oversize option and pay the extra fee.

Letterpress printing is not suitable for every project. If your project is not appropriate for letterpress printing, you may take a look at our offset printed cards. 


*Letterpress minimum font size is 6pt, and a minimum line weight is .25pt.
*No large solid areas printing.
*No halftones, solid colors only.
*Vector files are highly recommended (with outlined fonts)


  • Submit your already designed PDF file with 0.125" bleed.
  • Have us help create it for you.
  • Turn around time 7-10 Business days on average.
  • Higher quantities availble. Contact for more info and exclusive discounted pricing!


Shipping may be included depending on location.

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